Rice Cooker Burn

by Rice Cooker Wizard on August 23, 2008

Have you ever cooked rice in an automatic rice cooker only to find a crust of burned rice at the bottom? You may have wondered what causes this problem that often plagues the cookers. The answer is simple. First, was the rice already burned immediately after it was done cooking? If the answer is yes, it may mean your rice cooker is defective. A rice cooker should not be able to burn your rice during the cooking process. If the rice was burned after it was left in the cooker in a ‘keep warm’ mode it may be caused by the following problems:

  1. In the pot too long.
  2. The rice cooker is leaking steam too fast and the rice is drying out. The rice cooker will sense the lack of water and switch into warm mode. The rice burns in the warm mode.
  3. Rice cooker could be poor quality

An automatic rice cooker will often have a ‘keep warm’ mode. The cooker enters this mode once the rice has been fully cooked in order to keep the rice from going cold. The problem is that the rice at the bottom of the cooker can dry out too quickly. The heat from the cooker slowly roasts the rice grains forming a brown mess that is painfully difficult to remove. Next time you are cooking rice, try to add more water. The rice will absorb the water until it is all used up. When there is no more water, the temperature will rise suddenly and trigger the rice cooker to turn off. Usually this is a good thing because this indicates the rice is done cooking. If enough water was used, the rice should not be dry, and should not burn once the cooker switches to warm mode. In cheaper rice cookers, the cooker will be too slow to sense the change in temperature and keep the heat applied too long causing a mess. If you add more water and the rice still burns, you should have better luck buying another automatic rice cooker. Next time you cook rice, make sure to keep these tips in mind, and you will find your rice cooker will always be easy to clean.

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