How Much Water?

by Rice Cooker Wizard on October 2, 2008

Ever wonder how much water you need to cook a batch of rice?

For a person who has never cooked rice, a frustrating question can be: How much water do I need to cook a batch of rice?
Water in a bowl
The answer unfortunately can be pretty complicated since factors such as elevation play a role (water boils at a lower temperature at a higher elevation). But, we’ll try to make it simple at first, and then we will address the elevation problem.

1.) Add the desired amount of rice to your rice cooker (or a pot on the stove if you prefer).

2.) Place your rice cooker or stove pot under your faucet.

3.) To add the correct amount of water, use your index finger by touching the top of rice in the cooker or pot. Let water flow into your pot until the water level rises up to the first joint (knuckle) in your index finger.

That is all there is too it. For those at higher elevations, (those of you in Denver, pay attention) you will need extra water because the water will boil at a lower temperature. This means the rice will cook at a lower temperature than it would otherwise. Adding extra water will increase the time it will take for the water to boil away, making sure your rice won’t be too dry and tough to eat.

Also, if you own a fuzzy logic rice cooker (some of the zojirushi rice cookers are of this type) the cooker may be able to adjust the duration of the cooking cycle, so I am not sure what you will need to do if you are at a higher elevation.

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